What's Happening…

Allowing the talents of the musicians and their skills to develop is the only way to achieve our goal. That is to allow the music to develop naturally and the performance to flow. Our aim is to engage you with our music and to allow it to speak to you directly and of course, have fun doing it.


As you will see from these web pages The New Brothers are unique in that our musical experience allows us to perform and enjoy our music, and to bring our talents to the audience in a very different way. Our goal is to share our love of music with people that love it as well and to entertain them in an informal but masterful way.


The New Brothers are a trio with over 120 years of musical performance and from very different backgrounds. The amalgamation of these backgrounds and the vast experience we share makes for some very entertaining performances.


Enjoy the website and please let us know what you think. We are always trying to improve.

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